theUPSIDE to Shaheera’s day

Hi everyone! I’m Shaheera or better known as Sharks (Sharkie, Sharkeroo… you get the picture). First up, thanks so much Jen for this opportunity to be a guest blogger. Just a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Singapore but spent almost the last decade in Australia. I consider myself an amalgamation of the 2. 10176054_10152023177627215_8682534723938072365_n
After having some pretty unpositive experiences in the last year or so, I find it important for me to always look for the upside in any and every situation I face. Daunting as it may be, it is also the one thing that can help keep me focused and do my best to overcome whatever it is that I am facing. Last year for example, I found myself having to pack up almost a decade of my life into boxes, give up a job I was recently hired for and fly across the globe against my better judgement. Just when I thought the worst was over for me, what with finishing uni after much struggle (I was hating the place I lived, constantly worried about finances and my dad in Singapore just had a stroke and was slowly recovering), I was faced with this giant move leaving behind whatever I had made and created for myself due to reasons better left unknown. I was a mess. The time that I took to pack and sort my departure is now a complete blur to me and I prefer very much not to take a walk down that memory lane. Although this new turn of events was different to the struggletown that was completing my university education, I found myself doing the one thing I knew would keep me moving forward, taking time out for myself.
With everything moving so fast and having different voices sharing their opinions and shoving their ideals in my face, I constantly found myself needing the space to breathe and reflect. Finding time for myself is the upside to my day/week/month/year! With having to pack and move, I took time out from packing and tying up loose ends to just sit and talk with my partner about how I could move back and still go ahead with plans that have now been pulled from under my feet. While I was going through a tough time at uni, my time for myself was spent at the gym or shopping. Sometimes I’d be in my dorm room watching some sappy movie and eating ice cream. Other times I’d be at a children’s centre helping with some of the classes they had. The important thing for me is this, it doesn’t matter what I did during these “Me Time”, as long as it was something that I wanted to do and made me feel better. I could be spending time with someone or just be by myself, it is still time allocated for me to do something for myself.make-time-for-yourself
Things are slowly taking a turn for the better right now, but I still make time for myself to rejuvenate. I currently work in the Early childhood sector and spend most of my weekdays after work to help care for my nieces and nephews while their parents have business to tend to. Spending almost 5 days a week surrounded by people does take a toll on me more times that I’d like and it’s important for me to have some time to reflect or relax or sometimes both. Lately I’ve taken up running and have started blogging again. Most times when I’m too tired to do anything, my “Me Time” is spent just reading a book or just being thankful that I can still make the most of a difficult situation.I love me time
So the upside for me is pretty much taking care of my needs first. As selfish as that might sound, who else would care for you if you do not care for yourself first. How I see it, I need to love myself first before I can love someone better.
I hope that helps 🙂 May the upside be strong in you !!

About thinktheupside

TheUPSIDE was set up to help spread awareness of mental health issues and to help people see theUPSIDE in their day. I want as much user generated content as possible to help people see they are not alone in daily struggles. I want to encourage and motivate people to see the positive in their lives and discover their smile again.
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