Happy New Year

Happy New Year beautiful people ❤

I signed into my blog today for the first time in 6 months and I cannot believe it’s been that long. Time abso flies when your having fun and that is what I’ve been having. theUPSIDE to the last few months has been spending so much time with family and friends and it’s been incredible. I always feel at my happiest when i am surrounded by people. Whether it’s a good or bad day a hug, cup of tea and a quick chat can fix just about anything.

It’s crazy when a new year comes around and you wonder what did I do with the last year? It has absolutely flown by. Two takeaways I have personally, amongst others, this year is making it to the longlist in the Blog Awards Ireland and making it to the finalist of the Cork Digital Marketing Awards for me they have been amazing achievements. Big or small you should be so happy and proud with any achievements you make!

People can make all these resolutions and put themselves under so much pressure in a new year. I say just take it day by day and maybe give yourself one thing to strive towards for the year. Let it just be something small there is no need for everyone to jump on the ‘fitness’ badwagon if you do not want to and if you do then go for it! Do more of what makes you happy I say.

Over the past few months there has been festivals, jazz weekend, a 5k run I did with work, went to to Poland with my Mama, we took our mamas away for a weekend before Christmas, then it was Christmas and we had a wedding for New Years. It’s been pretty manic.

Here are some photo’s of the last few months

I honestly love having a few things to look forward to in the year I think it makes hard work and saving worthwhile. This year will be manic now also as I have 2 weddings that I am so thrilled to be bridesmaid for and cannot wait to spend the days with my best friend and cousin 🙂

In 2016 I hope to get some more guest bloggers and if you think it would be something you would be interested in but wouldn’t have a clue where to start please do not hesitate to give me a shout and I will help 🙂

Thanks to everyone who is still following the blog and I promise to update on a regular basis this year.

Jen 😉 x

About thinktheupside

TheUPSIDE was set up to help spread awareness of mental health issues and to help people see theUPSIDE in their day. I want as much user generated content as possible to help people see they are not alone in daily struggles. I want to encourage and motivate people to see the positive in their lives and discover their smile again.
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