Let’s Go!

Hi Lovely People 🙂

It’s been a hell of a long time since I wrote a post, Feb 2016 to be exact was the last time I wrote one!! I feel like I sit down to write a post and think it’s been way too long, I promise myself I will write more and then life gets in the way, I get too busy and don’t have time. I am really truly making a promise to myself for 2017 to write more blogs. It is on the list and writing it here it has to happen.

I have signed into my blog for the first time in nearly a year and I’m so blown away at the amount of people who continue to visit the blog on a daily basis, re-reading old posts. I am delighted with it and thank you to everyone who is reading the waffle I write.

I’ve been back and forth for about a week now trying to sit down and write a new post so I guess I’ve got the hardest part out of the way!

The last year has been crazy, busy and amazing all wrapped into one. I have a new job which I abso love, have traveled to London and Venice , was bridesmaid for 2 weddings, went to one of my favourite places in Electric Picnic and had fantastic nights outs, catch ups with friends, Christmas and New Years all in the mix. If 2017 is anything like 2016 I can’t wait.

In 2017,  really want to bring theUPSIDE to the next level. I am not sure yet what that is exactly, well I do have a few ideas, but I just know I want to make more time for it. I feel everything happens for a reason and I know that is so cliche but it does. I believe I set up this blog for a reason and I should give it 100% effort. Even if only one person reads it or follows the social media pages and find it helps then I will be very happy.

Over the last few months I have talked to so many people who have been suffering with anxiety and I myself have experienced this from time to time, so just know if you are feeling this way you are not alone. The more you open up to people you will understand so many people are in the same boat! Luckily, I know for me the gym, walking, being active is something that really helps me. This is on the list to do more of for this year also! I am someone who gets into the gym for a few weeks then falls off so I want to make a conscious choice to not let this happen. It’s a viscous circle with me sometimes I feel crap, don’t want to go to the gym but know I should, don’t go to the gym and feel worse. So, I am going to try to keep going on a regular basis. I managed to do something active everyday last week and am so proud of this. My brain and body were so thankful 🙂

The reason I have named this blog post Let’s Go is that’s how I’m feeling about 2017! Let’s go, come at me 2017! January has been going pretty well so far with so much to look forward to this year so I am running with the positivity. Who’s coming?

I would love to hear from anyone reading these on what works for you in times of stress/anxiety? What is theUPSIDE for you?

For anyone suffering from anxiety or depression here are some helpful links;

Pieta House- http://www.pieta.ie/

Aware – http://www.aware.ie/help/information/information-on-depression/?gclid=Cj0KEQiAnvfDBRCXrabLl6-6t-0BEiQAW4SRUC6-otuezm2DZIsGeo_gPYJR3cnZtlZy9z_bnINljOcaAlXK8P8HAQ

Steps for positive mental health – https://www.stpatricks.ie/turning-january-blues-january-boosts

Jen x


About thinktheupside

TheUPSIDE was set up to help spread awareness of mental health issues and to help people see theUPSIDE in their day. I want as much user generated content as possible to help people see they are not alone in daily struggles. I want to encourage and motivate people to see the positive in their lives and discover their smile again.
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