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Here’s a little bit about. My name is Jennifer, I live in Cork, Ireland, I’m 26 and work in marketing.

The main purpose of theUPSIDE is to spread positivity and ensure people think of theUPSIDE to everyday and concentrate on this instead of the negatives things that can happen to us all. It is also about spreading mental health awareness and in our current climate it is something that needs to be talked about and brought to the forefront. We need to end the stigma!!

This project came about after I had recently heard Mental Health Ireland’s new campaign relating to the little things that help us every day and it really made me sit back and think of what are the little things that make each day a little easier. There is so much stigma around mental health in our country today and I just wanted to do my part to help people see they are not alone and there are so many other people like them facing the same struggles everyday.

Young people especially need to know they are not alone and instead of posting on Facebook or Twitter about their problems and getting back lash from other teens they should turn to someone and tell them how they are feeling.  In addition to this I have recently started attending a lot of networking events and it made me think why isn’t there more events held for people who just want to get more friends or just for people to have a chat and express how their lives are going and what they are doing to make the every day a bit easier. I hope to get as involved as I can in events in the new year and bring these types of events to the amazing people of cork.

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  1. JayM says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, mental health is a great cause to be a part of so keep spreading that positivity!


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