theUPSIDE to Lisa’s Day

 Hey everyone 😀10479052_925529117463404_5125276151893084533_nmy name is Lisa, Jen has been one of my best friends since we were kids and I’m so glad that I can guest blog on theUPSIDE  and share what has been my upside for a while😀
Like many people my age I have graduated college and have a full time job. While some days seem to fly by, other days a minute can feel like an hour. Recently my days have been the latter. As you all know after a long day in work you feel so tired and just want to be home. However there is an upside to long working days.
When I get home the first one to greet me is my dog Brandy, she’s always by our door waiting, either with a wagging tail or a bark to see who comes in. Even giving her a pat on the head or a cuddle instantly makes me feel better  it has been said that even as much as cuddling an animal or going for walks can be helpful in improving mood and mental health and I couldn’t agree more! Even though I haven’t had much time lately, in the past if I’ve ever felt like I needed a clear head or some fresh air I would reach for Brandy’s lead and off we would go. il_fullxfull.319582660
Being active not only benefits your physical fitness but also your mental well being, as exercise can release endorphins which improves mood and
I think it is truly amazing how an animals presence can influence the mood of it’s owners for the better. The upside of your day can come in many shapes and forms and this is just one of them for me! I hope you all can find your upside because it can change your day for the better, make you feel good and most importantly make you smile 😁
Lisa xx
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theUPSIDE by Jen

Hey everyone I hope you have all been enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having the past few days, I know I have. I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought I would take the time to post theUPSIDE to the past few weeks for me.

First off I’ll be completely honest, I have been completely stuck in a rut the last 2 weeks and just coming home from work tired, just being lazy and not going to the gym. I think not going to the gym and not being active has just added to me feeling groggy and tired. But I am going to listen to my own advice and give myself a KICK to get up and get back into exercising.

We all need a good kick up the a** every now and again and I have definitely got mine. need-kick-own-ass-confession-ecard-someecardsWhile this page is about looking at the theUPSIDE of your days/weeks/months/year it is also about talking about what is getting you down and helping people to understand everyone goes through good and bad days. We just need to get up and get on with it. Positive minds lead to positive outcomes 🙂

Last weekend I was in Glasgow for Jimmy Carr and in Dublin for Glass Animals gig. This was definitely theUPSIDE to my week and I enjoyed every minute. The weather is Glasgowthe_upside_of_life was gorgeous and we spend the day doing a little shopping before the gig. I love getting out to enjoy a new city and would highly recommend it here.

So theUPSIDE to my weekend was planning my holiday to Thailand with the most amazing bunch of friends I could ask for. On Saturday we had to get our injections for the trip and then went for brunch. We then had a stroll around town in the sunshine and we just laughed and chatted the whole day long. I have to say it was a great day 🙂

I always find that having a day out with your friends can always make you feel a million dollars. Just chatting and laughing about everything and anything really lifts your spirits and makes you forget about everything you have going on in your mind.

Yesterday I wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine so  my boyfriend and I took a drive to Kinsale and went up to the Old Head of Kinsale (where I had never been). The views were amazing and it was so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

I then came home and chilled out by the fire for awhile with a cuppa 🙂 For me having time to relax over the weekend is just as important as going for day trips or shopping. I would say to find what you love to do on your days off and continue to do them. Don’t continue to do something every weekend or on your days off just to please other people. you are allowed to do something for you every now again and you should more often than not.

This is just a small post of what has been happening with me over the past few weeks. Want to share your story? I would still encourage people to send in theUPSIDE of their day to me or you can write it below I would really appreciate it 🙂

Thanks so much for continuing to read and I hope I am helping you to see things a little more positively 🙂

Jen xx


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theUPSIDE to Amanda’s Day

Hey guys my name is Amanda Noonan and I have the pleasure of calling Jennifer one of my best friends, We have known each other since school and have been friends for years.

I work out in Ucc in the main restaurant, Im a supervisor and unlike a lot of people I Work-out-quote-tumblrreally like my job, ok it may not always be Rosy in the garden but I’m finally doing something I love and it’s not an effort to do my job. The only thing is that I work different hours to my friends, I still have weekends off which is great because I didn’t get a lot of that in my last job. I work evenings so Im trying this new thing the kids call “trying to keep fit” before I go to work. It can get a bit annoying heading into work knowing all my friends are nearly done with their days work. My week consists of getting up goin to the gym, swim after that, try and eat healthy which is tough because I love my food! And go to work finish at 10 and
go home to go to bed.

The one thing that is an upside to my day is listening to my music in the gym or before I go to work. Music plays a massive part in my life. Even if it’s just one song it means so much to me, music reminds me everyday to fight for what’s important, follow your dreams, to love yourself and that love, life, family, friends and the world we live in is amazing,music like I said before it may not always be rosy in the garden but if this post helps even one person I encourage that person to go and listen to ur favourite song or just turn on the radio! It helps soothe you. It can make you excited, makes you cry and most importantly reminds you that your human.

Thanks Jen for letting me share my upside. This blog is truly amazing as are you for trying to help this massive issue.

Amanda X

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Let’s Dance – Charity Fundraiser Cork


I am holding a fundraising event in aid of Mental Health Ireland & Irish Cancer Society at St. Vincent’s Hurling & Football Club, Kilmore Road, Knocknaheeny, Cork from 12pm-6pm. The day will consist of 5 dance classes of different dance genres from Jazz – Street Dance, for mostly ages 12+, but one class for the kiddies at the end of the day also 🙂

It is all about having FUN and trying something new. Boys and Girls are welcome to attend. If you have always wanted to try a different style of dance come along as this is for all levels and is to spread positivity and most of all HAVE SOME FUN. This hall has NO MIRRORS so everyone can LET LOOSE & ENJOY THE DAY

At 5pm there will be a raffle which I have already gotten some amazing prizes from Raddison Cork, Hampers from Veronicas Snacks, Crunchy Creaturz, Bishopstown Bar, Super Nova and many more.
There will also be performances from Clickety Clique Dance Crew & Gerald Ahern.There will be snacks and treats available to purchase and also a face painter for the kiddies. All proceeds will be divided between both charities.

The cost is €5 per class or €20 for a day pass, you can pay on the door. If you have any questions, if you would like to bring some cakes or treats to sell on the day or want to get involved in any way please email me or message me here.

I hope you are all as excited as I am. I will create an event and feel free to INVITE EVERYONE your mothers, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews 😀

Let’s Dance & Raise Money For Charity While Having A BLAST

Make this theUPSIDE to your week !

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theUPSIDE to Shaheera’s day

Hi everyone! I’m Shaheera or better known as Sharks (Sharkie, Sharkeroo… you get the picture). First up, thanks so much Jen for this opportunity to be a guest blogger. Just a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Singapore but spent almost the last decade in Australia. I consider myself an amalgamation of the 2. 10176054_10152023177627215_8682534723938072365_n
After having some pretty unpositive experiences in the last year or so, I find it important for me to always look for the upside in any and every situation I face. Daunting as it may be, it is also the one thing that can help keep me focused and do my best to overcome whatever it is that I am facing. Last year for example, I found myself having to pack up almost a decade of my life into boxes, give up a job I was recently hired for and fly across the globe against my better judgement. Just when I thought the worst was over for me, what with finishing uni after much struggle (I was hating the place I lived, constantly worried about finances and my dad in Singapore just had a stroke and was slowly recovering), I was faced with this giant move leaving behind whatever I had made and created for myself due to reasons better left unknown. I was a mess. The time that I took to pack and sort my departure is now a complete blur to me and I prefer very much not to take a walk down that memory lane. Although this new turn of events was different to the struggletown that was completing my university education, I found myself doing the one thing I knew would keep me moving forward, taking time out for myself.
With everything moving so fast and having different voices sharing their opinions and shoving their ideals in my face, I constantly found myself needing the space to breathe and reflect. Finding time for myself is the upside to my day/week/month/year! With having to pack and move, I took time out from packing and tying up loose ends to just sit and talk with my partner about how I could move back and still go ahead with plans that have now been pulled from under my feet. While I was going through a tough time at uni, my time for myself was spent at the gym or shopping. Sometimes I’d be in my dorm room watching some sappy movie and eating ice cream. Other times I’d be at a children’s centre helping with some of the classes they had. The important thing for me is this, it doesn’t matter what I did during these “Me Time”, as long as it was something that I wanted to do and made me feel better. I could be spending time with someone or just be by myself, it is still time allocated for me to do something for myself.make-time-for-yourself
Things are slowly taking a turn for the better right now, but I still make time for myself to rejuvenate. I currently work in the Early childhood sector and spend most of my weekdays after work to help care for my nieces and nephews while their parents have business to tend to. Spending almost 5 days a week surrounded by people does take a toll on me more times that I’d like and it’s important for me to have some time to reflect or relax or sometimes both. Lately I’ve taken up running and have started blogging again. Most times when I’m too tired to do anything, my “Me Time” is spent just reading a book or just being thankful that I can still make the most of a difficult situation.I love me time
So the upside for me is pretty much taking care of my needs first. As selfish as that might sound, who else would care for you if you do not care for yourself first. How I see it, I need to love myself first before I can love someone better.
I hope that helps 🙂 May the upside be strong in you !!
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theUPSIDE of Padraig’s day

Thanks to Jennifer for asking me to speak about the upside of my day and the importance of mental health. A little introduction about myself, Padraig O Donoghue born and bread in Blackrock, Cork. General ManagerScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 14.48.15 of SoHo Bar & Restaurant

When Jennifer asked my to write this I was only delighted to help but then the sudden reality hit. What is the upside to my day ? after some thought I realised you may unconsciously leave out or underplay the good parts of your day.

Being the youngest of 3 siblings it allowed me to learn from my older sisters who set the bar for success in my family quiet high also having great parents who always offered us support and insured strong values and work ethic which I am very great full for and I hope to be equally as inspirational to my own one day.

Although admittedly I ended up in a trade I probably didn’t see myself in i have no regrets. Currently we employ just under 90 employees at SoHo and are in our 9th year of trade. I Honestly wake up every day with the hunger for work and the aspiration to create and expand the fantastic product we offer. It’s a pleasure to be working amongst a fantastic team of people and to be given the responsibly of leading the business by owners that have a desire that’s second to none. Not every days is rosy but working together for a common goal and working with people who are like mind and determined certainly makes its a lot easier.

When it comes to my personnel life I would certainly surround myself with my family when I can as we unfortunately all live far apart I enjoy visiting my Nephews Thomas, Darragh and Conor for a catch up and a play.

Switching off from my work ive learned over the years is extremely important. Being a sport nut who would attempt to play anything im commonly found missing on a golf course or burning a sweat in the gym these days. I also love to travel and explore have been fortunate enough to do so.

In short im lucky to have a great family and friends work with some fantastic people, I think its important to have good balance between work and play and not to take yourself overly serious. Life’s for living ………


The doors is always open for anyone who wants a chat or some Wings haha……Best wishes to everyone and thanks for taking to time to read the upside of my day.

Padraig O Donoghue

Twiiter @padraigsoho

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Hi There Everyone, I thought I would interrupt the guest bloggers a little bit by giving a post as I haven’t posted in awhile. Thank you again to everyone who has written a blog, keep them coming 🙂

All week people have asked me what I am going to give up for lent and it got me thinking, is there something I should actually give up? Even though I am trying to eat healthier at the moment I still have an odd treat which usually includes chocolate and I just honestly downloaddon’t think I could give this up. I then started to see so many people posting on Facebook and Twitter saying instead of giving up something for lent, (and probably crashing mid second day), they were going to take up something instead. I thought this was an amazing idea and something all of us should consider 🙂

One of my friends Brea, personal trainer and image consultant, has opted to go walking everyday for lent. She wants to start concentrating more on her mental health this year and what better way to do this than getting out there and getting some fresh air into your lungs. You go girl!! If you have not checked Brea out by now I would suggest you do so, CLICK HERE


c-of-e-lentI then happened to stumble across this image and I thought it couldn’t be a more motivating and powerful image. It really incorporates everything I think about and I have decided this will be mantra from now on not just for lent. Thinking of the three key L’s in this image ‘LOVE, LIFE, LIVE’ can really “Transform our world” and I reckon if we all took notice of these words and how powerful they are a little more we would be a little happier everyday.

Love;  With Valentines been and gone it made me realise how commercialised it has gotten and it is all just a bit of a money racket. While I did get spoilt on the day I also enthe_upside_lovejoyed a quiet night in making dinner so didn’t over spend too much. I think love is something that should be at the forefront of our lives everyday regardless of the day that it is. Whether it is a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, brother, sister, dog etc. We should show & tell the people we love the most how much we love them everyday as you never know what someone is going through in their day. You might just be the ray of sunshine they need in a dull day.


Life; Some days life can just suck! It’s true.. There are days were you would like to shut out the world, put the duvet back over your head and wish the world would pass you by. But on these day we have to tell ourselves we are just having a bad day and not a bad life. We need to pull ourselves up and be grateful for the lives we do have and take pride in the life we are living. Think of theUPSIDE of our day, slap a smile on and take on the day. LIFE IS FOR LIVING.




Live; Live in the moment, live for the days off, live for your kids, live for the fun, live for the happiness, live for your partner… Whatever it is you live for, take it in your stridethe_upisde_live and be grateful you are living. I know many people would say they live for the weekends but if you live your life like this the weeks will just pass you by in a blur and before you know it you will miss out on all the amazing things you could have experienced on those weekdays. In saying that I know people don’t have much time to get things done or have any time to spare on the weekdays and the weekends are the only time they can relax, me included. I am very bad for wishing the weeks away especially when I have things to look forward to, but I will make it my business to stop doing this and enjoy everyday.

This weekend I am travelling to Dublin to see The Coronas for the 4th time in a year 😀 (#SuperFan) & I am so excited. This is theUPSIDE to my week and I hope today being #HumpDay you can all see the light at the end of the tunnel and can think of theUPSIDE of your week.

The last few weeks I haven’t posted much as I have been letting guest bloggers take centre stage. They have been some amazing guest bloggers and I hope these will continue. While I have been away I will share some photos of what I have been up to;

I attended the Basketball Finals in Dublin in Jan where Singleton’s SuperValu Brunel took home the cup. This was an amazing weekend and clearly theUPSIDE to a lot of hard work and determination by all including one of my best friends, Danielle O’ Leary, who is the coach of the under 20’s team. I also uploaded my smeared lipstick selfie for #SmearForSmear to spread awareness of cervical cancer and to help raise money for the cause. Last weekend I celebrated one of my best friends, Laura O’ Mahony ,of BIBA Hair Salon Bishopstown, birthday. A great night was had by all as we haven’t all been out together in a long time 🙂

So there you have it you are all up to date on theUPSIDE of my few weeks that I haven’t posted. Please keep the guest blogs coming and thank you again for your continued support & taking the time to read the blog. Rememeber LOVE, LIFE, LIVE 🙂

Much Love & I will leave you with the coronas for your listening pleasure 🙂

Jen xxx

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theUPSIDE to Joan’s Day

Close up in PinkI was thrilled when Jen asked me to guest blog on Upside! In my work and private life, no matter how big or small, every day has an upside.

I’m the proud owner of the landmark Joan Cashman Colour and Image Academy in Cork City. I’m self-employed so it’s all go! Every minute is precious; I need to be super organised and on the ball! Prior to this I held the top job as head of Colour Me Beautiful in Ireland and it wasn’t an easy decision to bite the bullet, take the risk to follow my dream and open my own academy, but that’s what an entrepreneur does, right? –  Feel the fear and do it anyway! It’s a decision I made nine years ago now, I dedicate all my time, love and attention to it and am proud I did it.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 19.46.26

The downside (if you can call it that) is that it’s very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life – meetings, events, keeping up with trends and taking-on too much all at once. But I’m extremely thankful that my hobby is my job. I don’t really have a typical day – it all depends what’s booked in the diary. Last night I was invited to give a talk about Dressing for Business for a local Enterprise Board. This morning I had a private client for a Colour and Style session and this evening I took a guy personal shopping to build a wardrobe to suit his lifestyle, colouring, build and budget. I need to put the finishing touches to a PowerPoint presentation for a fundraiser event in West Cork later this month and my diary is filling fast with Hen Parties around the country.  It’s not easy being self-employed; I think you have to be cut out for it. You can never take your eye off the ball, from marketing, managing to hand’s-on doing the job. Sundays and Mondays are all the same.  I run makeup courses over weekends because attendees are either in college or have 9 to 5 jobs so I need to be flexible and work the job to fit demand.  Social Media is a wonderful tool in remaining connected with my audience and it’s very important that people know I’m available and willing to support them behind the scenes.

My children are all grown up, educated and living in the UK. I miss them dreadfully when they head back after the holidays… especially after Christmas, that’s tough, but they have their careers and they’re happy fulfilling their own purposes in life. My husband has a great sense of humour and knows how to make me laugh when I get blinded and in ‘the poor me’ frame of mind. There’s nothing I love more than sitting back with him at the end of the evening and sharing the day’s events. Definitely an upside!

Professionally the upside of my day is that I help my clients make the best of their personal appearance and this in turn empowers them to make positive changes and indeed sometimes change their lives. Every day we pull something from the wardrobe or try on something in a store that has life changing potential – The cut of the suit that persuades the interviewer to choose us above another candidate. The red dress that stirs something in a future lovers ask for a 1st date. The power to change people’s lives for the better is in my hands.  William James – the grandfather of psychology believed that “serious development of the personality takes place at the closet door” My clients say “If I’m well turned out; I walk, talk and act more confidently”. There is a psychology to colour too – I analyse each person’s colouring so they know which colours suit them best. Some people have a favourite colour that never fails to cheer them up.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 19.47.24

So, for me the upside is to help each person develop their self-confidence.  It is so rewarding to see the transformation before my very eyes…. Now, you can’t beat a day like that.

Joan x


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theUPSIDE to my Day

Hey there everyone 🙂 I just wanted to post a little something in between all the gust bloggers that have kindly taken the time to write a post. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who continues to read theUPSIDE.
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 19.23.30

When I posted theUPISDE to Sarah’s day during the week over 100 people went to the blog page to read it. I was so delighted as it shows so many people are taking the time to read the full story 😀

So, theUPSIDE for today was definitely being ‘Local Legend’ on Dave Mc’s drive on RedFm. I was so shocked when he rang me to come on but really wanted to get the message out there about keeping positive and upbeat.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 19.05.13

I had so many people text me and tell me they had heard it and saying how proud they were of me. The support in this is amazing and I want to continue to spread the positivity. The blog would be nothing without you all reading, sharing and liking it all the time so thank you so much.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I know people can feel down if they are not in a relationship but I would say look at theUPSIDE you don’t have to buy anyone a present. 🙂 It is all a bit of a money racket anyway so just enjoy the weekend like it is any other and get out, do something fun and smile loads.

Anyone who would like to write a guest blog, share an article, video, image of theUPSIDE of their day or how they stay positive and motivated please send it to

Jen x

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theUPSIDE to Sarah’s Day


Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Gallagher. I am delighted to tell people about the upside to my week. This is an amazing opportunity for me as well as many others to think about the goodness in the world and to treasure it. I know for me I am extremely busy with 3 paid jobs and two volunteer jobs that sometimes I don’t get time to reflect and even if I do it would usually be on the negatives because I would always try to address these.

While saying that, this blog has thought me about the importance of reflecting on good things that happen on a day to day basis. It helps make every other day that bit easier.  It’s important to think and reflect on the upside of your day because it nurtures our mental well being. I am now going to give my upside.


Last week I honestly felt the world was against me. I am 25 years old and I am in a management position. It is very challenging but at the same time a tremendous opportunity for me that I am grateful for. Work was extremely stressful, everything at home wasn’t particularly great and the workload I had to take home for the week was challenging. I felt completely overwhelmed and panicked. It was then my dad’s 12 year anniversary while also thinking it is my brother’s 6 year anniversary the following week. Everything seemed really doom and gloom. Until now I would have said it was one of the worst weeks for me in a very long time. However, on Saturday I went to see my friends in town who were booking a holiday. Afterwards we went spontaneously to Soho where I got to have my favourite nachos. We all chatted about our week, whether it was good, bad or indifferent. This meal in soho was the upside to my week. It really helped me. Seeing my friends, taking a break from the stresses of work even if it was only for 2 hours and merely laughing about the experiences we now have as grown adults was so helpful. Seeing my friends brought a smile to my face for those two hours and they honestly made me feel a lot more relaxed.

Thanks to Jennifer for allowing me the opportunity to reflect on something positive and share it with ye all, it has honestly lifted my spirits by writing this piece.

Sarah x

Keep smiling everyone, we’ll all get there!


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